Year - 2008

A series of grisly murders lead commander Trujillo (Humberto Zurita) to Santa Rosa de la Sal, a desert town close to a salt mine, where he meets Víctor Zepeda (Ricardo Polanco) - an enigmatic teenager who spends his free time making crude animated horror films - and who may or may not be the killer he is looking for.

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Directed by Mario Muñoz

Written by Angel Pulido & Mario Muñoz

Producer by Walter Navas, Raymundo Díaz-González & Leonardo Zimbrón

Composer by Federico Bonasso

Cinematographer Serguei Saldívar Tanaka

Edited by Jorge García

Production designer Alejandro Martinez Sanchez

Costume designer Marylin Fitoussi

Makeup design by Roberto Ortiz

Sound design Enrique Greiner

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Mario is a director who turns his creativity into ideas for advertising, film, theater and animation. His work is defined by emotional and memorable storytelling that spans many genres and styles. Mario founded his company Voces Imaginarias (Imaginary Voices) in 1997 with which he has produced highly successful and award-winning campaigns for some of the most important clients and agencies in Mexico and the US. His first short, Mientras me Muero (While I Die) (2003), was nominated for an Ariel and won the Golden Sun for best short at the Biarritz Film Festival. In 2008 Mario directed his first feature film, the thriller Bajo la Sal (Under the Salt), which was produced by Warner Brothers and premiered in competition at the Morelia International Film Festival, generating awards, great box office and reviews. Currently Mario divides his time between generating content ideas, scripts, creative ideas for advertising clients, and shooting ads and movies. Currently he is directing the animated series Luli y Gabo while developing other projects for film and television. His new film Los minutos Negros, the adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Martin Solares, will premiere in competition in the FICM.